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Pimm’s Story

Pimm is a year older than me. Her parents are farmers and she is a Sex Worker in Chiang Mai.

From the first moment I saw her, she stood out.

She is the undisputed leader of the clan. She moves ahead of everyone, organizes everything and even sits in the front of the Jeepny as all of us huddle in the back.

She stands with her shoulders back and looks you straight in the eyes when she talks. Even with her broken English, she minces no words.
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I’m Being a Bad Girl!

I’m sitting in the office of the Empower Foundation in Chiang Mai. Today I met my first Hero.

She’s spunky, bold and beautiful. She’s also a sex worker.

I’ve spent the entire day with Pimm and her merry band of a dozen ‘bad girls’ (They like to call themselves that!). All of whom work at the Can Do Bar in Chiang Mai.

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