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The Light of Bihar

He is the epitome of the oft cited Bihari fortitude. A brilliant scholar- moulded and strengthened by a childhood spent in depravation; igniting in him a burning ambition to succeed and make good on all the faith people had in him. Chandrakant Singh hails from Chamanpura village of Gopalganj district, a place you probably couldn’t find on a map unless you’re actually from there. But this audacious Bihari has put this nondescript village on the world map.
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A Long Road To Justice

Even as we bask in the success of one man’s fast unto death to rid our country of corruption, and we take to the streets in solidarity, there are few among us who have been waging a silent war against corrupt officials and a crumbling system without so much as a pat on the back. Women are attacked daily in our country for overstepping the boundaries of expected behavior, or for exercising even a modicum of independence. Public humiliation, tarnishing a woman’s reputation — labelling her amoral, sexual assaults, honour killings, acid attacks are weapons of choice in these acts of gender terrorism.
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The Forest’s Cry

I have a small family he shares, “only two brothers and two sister”!

Prosper Marak lived the simple life in Bhagmara, in the South Garo Hills of Meghalaya. Three years ago, when Prosper was only 23, he rose to a challenge that turned this dynamic leader of the Garo Students Union (GSU) into a eco warrior. GSU is the apex body of Garo Youth.
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The Code Of A Warrior

Tlawmngaihna is an untranslatable word; it is the Mizo code of ethics and Dharma. Tlawmngaihna binds the people of Mizoram to be hospitable, kind, unselfish and helpful to others. Tlawmngaihna to Mizos stands for a compelling moral force which finds expression in self-sacrifice and the service of others.
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One Man Army

Subhas Dutta has spent the last three decades perfecting the dying art of active citizenship.

He is the son of refugees from Bangladesh and calls the grand old city of Kolkata his home. One could mistake this unassuming Chartered Accountant for a harmless ‘Aam Admi’ who’s just trying to live his life and ‘get by’. But underneath those thick rimmed glasses, are a pair of ever watchful, resolute eyes. Keenly observing the changing face of the city he lives in.
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All Guns Blazing

Do I have anything in common with Soumya Viswanathan, Jessica Lal or Radhika Tanwar?

I drive on the streets of Delhi, I go to pubs and restaurants and I’ve stood on many a Delhi bus stand. Is it just a matter of time before the odds catch up with me?

Every single day, 12 Indians are shot dead. Their fate might be sealed by a sophisticated automatic rifle from the US or by a 2 rupee bullet from a 200 Rupee Katta. Both are equally effective.
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A Prayer For The Dying

I read obituaries. Sometimes it’s all I read in a newspaper on a given day. I wonder what kind of human being the deceased was? Did they live well? Did they suffer much? How did they die?
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Of Rights and Roots

Dhirendra Pratap Singh took a gap year in college. The decision did not go down well with his parents, followed shortly by ominous warnings from peers about the repercussions on his career.

He persisted.
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Return Of The Visa Warrior!

I often wonder, how we are assessed when a Visa Officer reviews an Indian’s application for a visitor’s permit? What are the signs they’re looking for? How do they ‘categorize’ us? How often are emotions and the kind of day the visa officer is having a factor in whether or not a visa is granted? Who is considered a flight risk?
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Here Comes The Gramdoot

It bothers me immensely to watch images broadcast in western media, of Indians living in abject poverty. I thought it excessive that stories about India centered on rampant corruption, mismanagement of projects and finances and the deprivation that stems from it; discrediting and ridiculing us as an emerging super power.
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