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My Hillside Story (Hindustan Times Article)

Keith MuirDrive just 50 km west of Sydney and you’re in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Rising to more than 1,100 m above sea level at its highest point, it is the fourth area in New South Whales to be declared a World Heritage Area by UNESCO in 2000. What a delight to have pristine wilderness literally at the doorstep of a bustling city like Sydney.

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A fight for flipper (Hindustan Times Article)

A year ago, I saw a documentary called The Cove. It made me weep. The documentary was an initiative by former dolphin trainer Rick O’Barry, who helped capture and train the ones that were used for the hit American TV series called Flipper. The people loved the show and the Dolphins even more, eventually leading to a massive rise in the number of dolphins captured and trained in water parks around the world. O’Barry lived with the guilt of fueling the pop-culture fascination with these most-intelligent of mammals. He eventually turned into an ardent activist and defender of ‘dolphin rights’ the world over.

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Hindustan Times Article: 8th August 2010

A short note to link you up to my column in Hindustan Times today. In Indonesia, Yuyun Ismawati co-founded BaliFokus to deal with Bali’s growing waste management and turn it into an environmentally sound, community-based solid waste management programme.

Dinh Phuong’s Story

She’s 27, she’s a new mother and in another life she could be a dirt bike champion!

But in this life, she’s a bright young girl, who works with the impoverished rice farmers in rural Vietnam. Performing a pivotal role in changing the fortune of a tiny community.

I met Dinh Phuong when I arrived at the Xuan Thuy National Park in Nam Dinh District in Vietnam. The journey there tested my will and intent more than any other incident in my trip so far.
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