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The Forest’s Cry

I have a small family he shares, “only two brothers and two sister”!

Prosper Marak lived the simple life in Bhagmara, in the South Garo Hills of Meghalaya. Three years ago, when Prosper was only 23, he rose to a challenge that turned this dynamic leader of the Garo Students Union (GSU) into a eco warrior. GSU is the apex body of Garo Youth.
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One Man Army

Subhas Dutta has spent the last three decades perfecting the dying art of active citizenship.

He is the son of refugees from Bangladesh and calls the grand old city of Kolkata his home. One could mistake this unassuming Chartered Accountant for a harmless ‘Aam Admi’ who’s just trying to live his life and ‘get by’. But underneath those thick rimmed glasses, are a pair of ever watchful, resolute eyes. Keenly observing the changing face of the city he lives in.
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Passive Houses, Proactive People: Hansen’s story

Meinhard HansenHe has a glimmer in his eyes and the enthusiasm of a young child. “I like working with my hands”, he says and holds up his right hand with two missing fingers. Before becoming the leading authority on ‘Passive Houses’ in Europe, Meinhard Hansen used to be a carpenter. His missing digits are proof of the occupational hazard, but that’s not what turned him to a career in architecture.
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When the Greenie Sees Red

Zsolt SzegfalviA few weeks ago- Hungary faced its most daunting ecological disaster till date. A reservoir at an aluminum refinery ruptured, sending a wave of toxic sludge across three counties, and into the Danube River.
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High-tech Hitchhiking: Sean’s Story

Live in New Delhi? Work in Gurgaon? Live in Vasai and work in Nariman Point? You’re probably spending upwards of ten hours a week driving to work and back. You’re most likely alone in the car. As are thousands of others lined bonnet to bumper on the jammed roads.
The faces of your co-commuters reflecting the despair and angst you feel yourself. The odd road rage incident aside, most seem to have resigned to their fate. That’s the way things are, you see.

If folks like Sean O’Sullivan have their way, things can and will change for the better.
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