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The Light of Bihar

He is the epitome of the oft cited Bihari fortitude. A brilliant scholar- moulded and strengthened by a childhood spent in depravation; igniting in him a burning ambition to succeed and make good on all the faith people had in him. Chandrakant Singh hails from Chamanpura village of Gopalganj district, a place you probably couldn’t find on a map unless you’re actually from there. But this audacious Bihari has put this nondescript village on the world map.
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Savong’s Story

You really have to see it to believe how beautiful rural Cambodia is. Sparsely populated villages made up of a small cluster of wooden houses on stilts, next to a water canal that snakes through the lush green landscape. Ancient temples pop-up out of nowhere to surprise you and big curious smiles greet you everywhere.
Even though the village homes were very basic they were immaculately tidy and housed large families that all live together.

I was hunting for Savong’s School with my Tuk-Tuk driver from Siem Reip, getting blissfully lost in the narrow lanes of the village when I saw a group of young girls on bicycles. They were peddling furiously and I could tell they were late for something. School maybe? We just followed them and they brought us straight to Savong’s School!
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Rosie’s Story

Rosie Ban Nai Soi Community Learning CenterI came to the Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center to meet Mr Sien. I read about his story and I wanted to meet this man who struggled so hard to get the education he was denied as a young man in Burma. He now finds his redemption by ensuring that the students forgotten by the system, much like he was don’t get deprived.

What I wasn’t expecting was the pint-sized fighter I met who is his twenty one year old daughter.
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