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Lessons From The Road

Every week I get emails and facebook messages from people who tell me that I’m brave to be travelling on my own. They’re smitten by the idea of such a grand journey and all the amazing experiences I’ve had. But, any experienced traveller will tell you that ‘The journey’, especially on a shoestring budget, is only glamorous in retrospect!

I‘ve made my share of mistakes and then some! But I’m wiser for having had these experiences and hopefully I’ll be better prepared for the second leg of my trip.
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Savong’s Story

You really have to see it to believe how beautiful rural Cambodia is. Sparsely populated villages made up of a small cluster of wooden houses on stilts, next to a water canal that snakes through the lush green landscape. Ancient temples pop-up out of nowhere to surprise you and big curious smiles greet you everywhere.
Even though the village homes were very basic they were immaculately tidy and housed large families that all live together.

I was hunting for Savong’s School with my Tuk-Tuk driver from Siem Reip, getting blissfully lost in the narrow lanes of the village when I saw a group of young girls on bicycles. They were peddling furiously and I could tell they were late for something. School maybe? We just followed them and they brought us straight to Savong’s School!
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Some Heroes Find Me Instead

I’ve been traveling for precisely three weeks now. And today I can say that I’ve had all the highs and lows that either make you want to travel further or make you want to go home to mommy.

I know my mom’s reading this and will probably freak out, but I promised myself I’d be brutally honest in all my updates. (So, Mom, I swear I’m ok, please don’t freak out. I’m sure you’ll call me when you’re done reading anyway, talk to you then.)
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KK’s Story: Hip-Hop Healing in Cambodia

I wrote about my day at Tiny Toones Youth Drop in Center for my column in Hindustan Times, this week. You can read it here in my very own section on Hindustan Times’ website!

I’ve been traveling like a woman possessed and just haven’t stopped long enough to post an update! I’m staying in Phnom Penh for two days and it’s time to catch up! Boy do I have some crazy stories for you!

So, have I told you that I’ve near perfected the ‘art of getting lost’? Well I have, with a lot of help from the Tu-Tuk drivers here in Cambodia of course. They all seem to have a serious aversion to stopping to ask for directions! They get lost, go around in circles; completely ignore all my attempts at backseat driving and friendly suggestions. Ensuring that I’m either late, pissed off or traumatized by the time I reach my destination. So obviously, I’ve been walking a lot. It’s less painful, often quicker and cheaper for sure!
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