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Lessons From The Road

Every week I get emails and facebook messages from people who tell me that I’m brave to be travelling on my own. They’re smitten by the idea of such a grand journey and all the amazing experiences I’ve had. But, any experienced traveller will tell you that ‘The journey’, especially on a shoestring budget, is only glamorous in retrospect!

I‘ve made my share of mistakes and then some! But I’m wiser for having had these experiences and hopefully I’ll be better prepared for the second leg of my trip.
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Treasures From The Trash Can

Science owes a great debt to imagination. Many great inventions and discoveries would never have come about if some day dreamer hadn’t imagined it first. Sitting in a classroom, or a laboratory or under an apple tree, wondering… ‘What if’?
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Why I Travel: Nandita Sirohi

Around the world in 80 Bars!

For the longest time, travelling made me want to throw up. Now you’re thinking ‘oh no!’ this is one of those sad, morbid tales where you’ll hear about my painful experiences as a traveller.
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A Prayer For The Dying

I read obituaries. Sometimes it’s all I read in a newspaper on a given day. I wonder what kind of human being the deceased was? Did they live well? Did they suffer much? How did they die?
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Why I Travel: Bipin Doshi

DANCING: A series of movements involving two partners where speed and rhythm match harmony with music.

It’s 2 am in the morning and I have been dancing since 8 pm last evening. My feet are throbbing. My eyes are burning because of the cigarette smoke and also because of the fact that it is the second night in a row that I am going to be staying up till 6 am in the morning just dancing. My bladder is bursting with my favorite Colombian beer. But I don’t want to stop dancing.
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Becoming The Change

The first time Suman Chennamaneni had access to books outside of his school curriculum, he was half way through his teens. The school he attended in small town Andhra Pradesh had no library. In fact there was no library in his town, or in all the small towns next to it.
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A Road To Everywhere

“Everything works like clockwork”, I was talking aloud to myself, navigating through the public transport system in Vienna, Austria. The city seems to have put people in the heart of its development programs.
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Of Rights and Roots

Dhirendra Pratap Singh took a gap year in college. The decision did not go down well with his parents, followed shortly by ominous warnings from peers about the repercussions on his career.

He persisted.
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Return Of The Visa Warrior!

I often wonder, how we are assessed when a Visa Officer reviews an Indian’s application for a visitor’s permit? What are the signs they’re looking for? How do they ‘categorize’ us? How often are emotions and the kind of day the visa officer is having a factor in whether or not a visa is granted? Who is considered a flight risk?
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Not Made in China

He’s a warrior with a message of peace, a patriot barred from his homeland, a refugee in a country he was born in and an idealist living in a world disenchanted by anything without a price tag. If you know of Tenzin Tsundue, it’s probably because you watched him steal the visiting Chinese Prime Minister’s media thunder in 2005.
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