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North Face Backpack: El Lobo 65L

My new best friend and mobile home! Ideal for long haul travel; with top and side access. Ample space for my sleeping bag and the top converts into a lumber pack with it’s own belt. The aluminum frame, solid shoulder straps & a pretty cushy hip belt ensure a comfy fit.

It can lug up to 30 kilos with ease. Though I’m trying to limit my stuff 15 kilos or less. You can browse this and other models from The Northface here.

Apple MacBook

My newly beloved Macbook has a few years under it’s belt. I got the RAM upgraded to 4 gb so it’s zipping. I look forward to hassle free times with the newest member of my day-pack. I also have a 1 TB WDC external hard drive (ultra light, I’m quite happy with it) and two 8 GB pen drives from Kingston (tried & tested). Get you apple freak on here.

Miscellaneous- A few dvd’s to backup my videos and pics, chargers and batteries for all the equipment listed, carrying cases and lense cleaning solution. AND Garbage bags for some inexpensive rain proofing!

Sony Cyber Shot

My cheap and effective point and shoot camera. I wish I had a DSLR, but I’m broke! Maybe if starve myself enough and stay in the cheapest places possible and only stick to public transport… I’ll be able to afford one in a couple of months. I girl can dream… If you’re still interested, read the specs here.

Tripod: Sony VCT R640

What works most for this tripod is that it’s cheap! I wish it was more compact, though it’s pretty light- about 1.6 kilos. It’s taking up a lot of space in my backpack. I’ll road test it and post a more detailed review soon enough. Read the specs here

Video Camera: Sony HDD XR550e

HD Video Camera: Sony XR550e 240 GB hard disk, 12 mega pixel still images, options to shoot in Full HD or SD. Slot for additional memory card. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days, and I’m very happy with this camera. Though it burned a massive hole in my pocket and I could have gotten it cheaper in Thailand… I’m not complaining. If you shoot in HD the footage is in .MTS format which makes it a little difficult to edit. I also bought one extra backup battery. Know more here.