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3 Responses to “Donate”

  1. Suphan says:

    Dear Tithiya,
    Dear real human being who is from that incredible country, India.Do you know what? I didn’t know for which reason India is an Incredible India. Now, I know… I am just landed Turkey from India after 7 days between that “human” population. I saw your article in Hindustan Times which I red first time just before sleeping in my sleeping bag in the transfer sloon of my flight. For a time I am travelling by couchsurfing opportunity. And by this way I live incredible experiences and I meet incredible people from everywhere. The sentence I red in your article in the newspaper was explaining my feelings compeletyly “I have learnt to love their countries through them..”
    In this year, my passion is higer than higer for different cultures and people. After that, to endure my usual life is like impossible after I saw the reality of the world more. The “commercial” conditions of our buisiness is like a blind world. I deeply understand your feelings and I just want to share with you that my objective regarding my future is to participate UN Volunteers and for these days I am working on it.
    Dear Tithiya,
    If your journey lead the way toward Turkey, I will be glad to host you. Or may be I can help you by Couch Surf friends in some part of earth.
    Love from Turkey

  2. keshav Bharadwaj says:

    Please let me know the place where i can send my contribution( I do not use credit cards) so a bank ac # is OK keep the good work and enjoy your life and calling , be haelthy and wise wealth wil follow you god bles you

  3. Murali says:


    As promised I tried to chip in. However, the ChipIn buttton is not enabled. Do let me know how I can contribute.


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