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Join me as I spend a year in search of adventure and inspiration

The Project

The 100 Heroes Project is this Indian girls quest for Inspiration. Starting June 12th 2010, I’m taking off to travel the world.

I will find my way to six continents to meet a hundred amazing people who’re changing the future of their countries, one small step at a time. A hundred champions of a world worth saving.

Along the way, I want to raise support and funds for the people I meet. Using ‘Social Media for Social Good‘. The hundred Heroes I hope to meet are doing their bit to change the world. A hundred thousand of us can pitch in to make their lives a little easier. A small ‘Thank You’ to them from the Universe.

Lessons in courage, dedication and humanity guaranteed. Epiphanies, wake up calls and inspiration to change your world will be purely incidental.

Join Me

Join me in this journey to witness first hand how my obnoxiously ambitious dream unfolds. I don’t have enough money to finish the journey just as yet, but why should that stop me from starting. There is no reason why I shouldn’t have done this earlier, I have the same qualification, professional opportunities and ineptitude in handling my finances as I did a couple of years ago. The toughest part was getting started and then keeping it together one day at a time.

I’ll be making mistakes and making amends. Making friends and making memories. Making progress and making good.

Any help is welcome. You might want to take it on yourself to help one specific individual whose story inspires you. You can start your own mini campaign to raise support and funds for any or all of the hundred Heroes. You can help by finding sponsors so I may be able to finish the journey. You can write about these amazing role models in your blog, the newspaper you work at or the news channel that makes you work entirely too hard. Some of the people have very small and specific needs- maybe you can ask your employer to donate the old computers from your office. Or get your school or college involved to host an event- not just for this project, but any deserving set of people or an organisation. You can also click the donate button. Just get started

I hope this project helps you find the courage to pursue your own shamelessly grand dreams. You’re only as amazing as you can imagine. Everything else is just logistics!

About Tithiya

Tithiya Sharma is a twenty something girl from India. A recent cubicle rebel and brand new world traveler. She used to be a journalist, but now… she’s not so sure!

Sorry, but I just can’t write about myself in third person. It’s such thinly veiled modesty. So this is ‘me on me’ reporting live! It’s awkward to write about myself but I’ll try anything once…

I’m the daughter of a soldier and a social worker. I went to eight schools in twelve years. I’m a dog person. I’ve lived in seven different states in India. I swear. I sweat. And I snore- sometimes, all at once. Spell check is my best friend. I can eat an astonishing amount of food for a girl. I never forget a face, though I might call you dude, buddy or babe to cover up that I don’t recall your name. I’m clumsy to the point of being a serious threat to myself. I can pack a bag for a week long break in 5 minutes flat. I have a very loud laugh. I’m a hugger. And people who type LiKe ThIs FoR sOmE ReAsOn drive me craaaazy!

The longest I’ve backpacked solo before this is two months. The only time I think about money, is when I don’t have any. I can handle a fair bit of Friday night bingeing. I’m a whiney younger sibling. I want to eat the best Blueberry Cheese Cake in the world. And off late, I’ve been talking aloud to myself! A lot.

Decades from now when I look back at my twenties, I want vivid flashbacks of a year spent living fearlessly, passionately and with purpose. This is that year.

76 Responses to “Join me as I spend a year in search of adventure and inspiration”

  1. Shane Tobin says:

    This is fascinating! I have been trying to figure out how to plan something like this for myself but as of now am not even close. I wish you the best of luck, and if you are ever in California in the US and need help please let me know! Oh, I stumbled upon this from Matador and no, I was not told to read this by your mother. Look me up on facebook!

  2. Noor Tobaya says:

    I can’t believe you’re doing this.I’m a little jealous and also inspired. Have a great trip. I can help you in dubai, will you be travelling there?

    be safe, best of luck

  3. Rahul Nanda says:

    Congrats and Best of Luck !

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  6. Saurabh says:

    Hey, it’s really interesting!! Lemme know in case Italy is enroute.
    Be good, if you can’t, be careful..

  7. Wow! And how are you funding all this travel, stay and food? Roughly calculated this must be couple of 10s of lacs of project? So where is all that money coming from?

  8. Ayesha Pallat says:

    Bon Voyage,,,i’ll try and catch you somewhere;)

  9. bobby says:


  10. Tithiya says:

    Hey Sanjukta, my buget is 30k Dollars or 15 lakhs. With enough planning and the ability to ‘Slum and Bear it’, it’s very doable. I’ll be sharing my daily budget on the site… once i’m in the grove of things. I’ve just landed yesterday! Of the entire budget, I have about half in place. Some from my folks, friends- who I will eventually repay and my own savings (i’ve been gainfully employed for 7 years- I broke my SIP, saving FD’s & stopped my life insurance policy- the last part didn’t go down well with mom)

    I’m not loaded, far from it. Neither are my folks. BUT, it is possible to travel the world, while earning in rupees and without spending the rest of your life in debt! This project will eventually be proof of the same. I have enough to finish the first leg of the trip- 6 months. I hope to find sponsors once I have a sizable body of work to prove the quality/intent/outcome of the project.

    happy to respond to any other queries. Or help you plan your own dream trip!

    peace and love

  11. pawan Julaha says:

    Gud………. Have a great trip. Carry on.

  12. Dinesh Sahay says:

    Yesterday is only a dream and tomorrow is only a vision; but today, well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
    With a more positive attitude and behavior, the circumstances of your life will improve. You will find greater manifestations in your goals as you dream in your present moments of your time, in our personal relationships, and in our spiritual life.
    Just be to yourself, love yourself as you are and love everyone as they are; See people with eyes of spirit not body, then everyone is our friend. As you dream in your present, it looks up and shapes our destiny. May God give what you dream. God bless.

    With best wishes
    Dinesh Sahay
    Delhi(NCR) Fbd

  13. Piyush says:

    Awesome stuff ! Good luck

  14. I recently stumbled upon your blog and now I’m hooked. I fully appreciate both your writing style (Thank you for writing ‘you’ instead of ‘u’ as I find many Indians do, and for your quick wit – Bravo!) as well as your ideas and enthusiasm.

    I also find your blog to be in line with a fellowship you might want to consider in the future (depending on your age). I’m a recent alum and think this could be a really beneficial relationship for both http://www.DekeyserandFriends.org and you.

    All the best in your travels and I look forward to reading.

    - HannahInMotion

  15. Bidisha Chakraborty says:

    loved your project and your motivation behind it is simply spellbound…want to keep myself completely updated with your project.An engineer by profession.Just completed by bachelors…really dream big like you…wants to make change…and would love to see more of your articles in Hindustan Times..Best of luck…

  16. Ridz says:

    This sounds great Tithiya,and I am sure you are having a good time traveling, but, may I ask, why didn’t you think of finding 100 heroes in India itself? I am sure that would have been much more meaningful, less expensive and could have resulted in people volunteering to do something substantial too.
    Or do you actually think India lacks such heroic stories?

  17. Tithiya says:

    Hey there Ridz!

    Thanks for writing and reading my blog. The answer is quite simple… I wanted this project to be a culmination of my passion/ambition and my desire to do something meaningful. Believe me, I know there are many more than a 100 heroes in India. And I intend to find them too. But I wanted to see the world, broaden my perspective, appreciate other cultures and share a little of mine with them while I made my way around. I wish more young people embark on a journey like this. The average traveler I’ve met thinks of India as a regressive, dark place where most of the people live in slums. And then there is the ‘Bollywood’ question. And thats pretty much it. I think I’ll be bale to break a lot of sterotypes about India and Indians along the way.

    And, If i had a buck for everytime i got asked the question you just did, I could have financed my projects months ago. I’m doing this because I have a passion for travel (I’ve been to the far corners of this country) I love people’s stories, I needed some inspiration in my life and also some adventure. I wanted to test myself and create a truly international, independent project… by an Indian who also happens to be a girl.

    Your question seemed sincere upto the point you couldn’t help but write “Or do you actually think India lacks such heroic stories?”. Now you just seem like an unoriginal person depending on cliches to cover up the fact that you probably hate your life but can’t seem to do anything about it. Here’s a tip: Fix it. No one else can. And while you figure your life out… don’t bash other people’s ambition/plans/sincere efforts in an attempt to make yourself feel better. It’s really pathetic.

  18. Ridz says:

    Hey Tithiya,

    What you say makes sense but I had a reason for asking my question the way I did. From what I understood of your project and its name – 100 Heroes Project, I truly believed that if finding heroes was the only reason you were embarking on this journey, India has many such heroic stories that can touch the world (maybe because the battle for survival is stronger in India), and that made me feel that your quest of finding such heroes in a foreign land is a bit superficial…. but those were just my impressions, which could be wrong. I apologize if my question sounded the way it did to you. It was just my perspective. I really see no reason for you to jump to irrational conclusions about the motive behind my question and making a judgment on my life. Here’s a tip: Stop being so insecure. I am happy with my life and wish you success in yours. Looking forward to reading more of your blog articles and witnessing your journey unfold. Good luck and best wishes to you :)


  19. vartika Tandon says:

    hey Tithiya

    always remember as spider man says ” with gr8 power comes gr8 responsibility” i duno whts rite or wrong , i dont know abt appreciations or criticism u mite hear but am sure the reason or purpose u doin it is certainly from ur heart and zest that u wanna do it…i believe and not just for the sake of doin it…
    So am sure u will find endless memories to store in for life time to bring a smile for…i wish u all the luck for this journey and plz keep updated….majorly via pics..

    oh yea bdw post grad student of mass communication..lolz…

  20. Tithiya says:

    Hey Ridz, Thanks for writing back. You sound like a thinking person and I’d hate to get off on the wrong foot with you. I’m glad you’re reading my blog, I hope it helps you in some way. I’m sure you have a great life… just as I’m sure I’m not insecure :)

    Though i do have a bone to pick with you, if you didn’t appreciate my jumping to ‘irrational conclusions’ how do you explain your own quick verdict on ‘“Or do you actually think India lacks such heroic stories?” You made a spot judgement on me without taking the time to figure what the project as about! I also think it’s unfair that you think looking for Heroes from outside India is superficial. Have you never read a book, watched a movie, or felt motivated by someone NOT of Indian origin? Are people less worthy of appreciation because they’re not Indian? Do we have nothing to learn from another countries problems and solutions/solution providers?

    India has been a perennial recipient of rewards and recognitions from ‘foreign’ countries- governments, ngo’s, the arts and cinema, fundings, grants etc. Do you complain when an Indian receives glory or a world stage? Do you look down on them when they bring home accolades from an International body? Don’t you think it’s a thing of pride that as an Indian I can be gracious and progressive enough to look outwards and offer appreciation to worthy citizens of another country. OR should all the Oscars go to Americans? All Bafta’s to Brits? All Nobel prizes to Swedes? OR are the rules different for the big boys in the business and a humble blogger?

    Now who’s being superficial here Ridz? But really… I wish you well and I hope you never let anyone dissuade you from your calling. Have a beautiful life. Find passion, dream big and live large… or die trying!

  21. kiran says:

    Hi Tithi
    It’s great you are responsding to some of the comments and I appreciate your candidness. I think travelling alone does make you more introspective and opens up new facets of your self. Its an opportunity for self discovery and also opens your mind to other people’s perspectives. Carry on…you have a long way to go. God be with you.

  22. Ridz says:

    Well… different strokes for different folks, Tithiya! Just wanted to clarify I never meant to discourage you, was just voicing my view, maybe I voiced it a little strongly. Will keep following your exciting journey and hope to see your book published soon. Much love and good wishes to you.

    Thanks for your wishes too… I am lucky and am grateful to God as I have already found my passion and am living my life the way I want to.


  23. Supeeee says:


    WOW!! Very proud of you my adventurous soul!! I can just imagone how long this must’ve been brewing…
    Enjoy every moment and I will be living vicariously through you…Drop me a line if you’re adventure brings you past here.
    Love, Hugs and ooooodddlllleeeesss of best wishes

  24. Supeeee says:

    BTW…wish you had spell check for the comments section LOL

  25. Gaurav Panwar says:

    hi tithi,
    you are just “wow”.You know,i’ve just passed out my XII and during this whole school life,1000′s of people would have asked me who’s your idol? children generally say my parents or any other famous personality.but i always said i don’t have any….i wanna shape my life according to what my heart will say.But now,at the time of getting admissions in college….i felt that there exists some moments when i can’t choose what my heart desires….not everything(it’s the parents who have the lock n key of your future career,in most cases).
    But watching you..i mean reading your stories,i can say that i have an idol n that’s YOU……coz u listen to your heart.

    Your Fan
    Gaurav Panwar

  26. Kanupriya says:

    Hey Tithiya,
    Landed here through twitter and I think you are the same Tithiya Sharma from BB if I’m not wrong.
    Totally floored by your project. Kudos for this initiative and wish you all the very best for your journey :) . Loved this idea of yours and will keep following this space to know updates on it.

  27. Anuj Tandon says:

    Hey Tithiya Maam,

    This is totally awesome.. I do not know if you know me I was your junior in APS Dagshai but thats irrelevant, the idea to follow your passion into uncertainty is only the trait of the most courageous. I just did that when I started my own company putting all my savings etc to follow my dream.
    I wish you all the best, I so wish I could help you with the funds but (I am out of cash) the least I can do is help to promote this cause in my network of friends etc.

    All the best again!

    Anuj Tandon

  28. Alifia says:

    A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it. :-)

  29. Phalguni Banerjee says:

    I think u r doing a great work.Travelling by urself and finding the new heroes.Ur articles are really amazing and have a safe journey.

  30. Lucky says:

    Hey Tithiya,
    Lots of courage from my side 2 u …This is b’coz i too share a near same story as of u !! Wish i cud join u as i shared same ambition of helping people . Well i cant send you d money u need as i don’t earn so at dis point of time but wud surely in future as and wen i lay ma hands on it, but i can surely help you wid any other thing u need to. If needing my any help pls pls feel free to contact me any point of time .. mayb i can b of ur help !!!

    Wud b eagar 2 listen frm u …….

    Tarun Sharma

  31. manukant dixit says:

    hi tithiya. #[actually m feeling verry proud to saying hi for u. best of luck. plz ignore my dumb english grammar.t d n just have fun n go mad for ur project.

  32. Avinash says:


    It’s GREAT to come across someone who’s not sitting and dreaming but actually up on her feet and DOING something, exploring the world no less! Congratulations

    I admire your ideology and style of communication. It’s very bold, very brave and very dare-to-be-different.

    Wishing you the very best of luck, for as you rightly said, when someone’s working for a cause, the Universe comes together to conspire to make that dream come true.

    Would be glad to help you out any way I can.
    I’ll start by writing about it :)

    May the force be with you…


  33. Deepak says:

    Hi Tithi,

    Really happy to know that you set off and are going great! All the best.

  34. Puneet Deol says:

    Hey Tithiya:

    I accidentally stumbled on this website and o’boy wat great job you are doing on your end to truly make a DIFFERECE. Hats off to your courage in taking this step and doing something which has no boundaries, inhibtions or restrictions…pure PASSION!…I will try and follow on all your journeys as you travel along…and make my contribution towards the success of this WORTHY project. Please do let me know if you are anytime planning to come to this side of the continent…..all the best going forward!!!

  35. Pradeep says:

    Hey Tithiya,
    You might not recall me but I did internship under you in Bombaybitch.com.
    You always inspire me.This project is so amazing. I think that I will be hooking on to it. Pursuing your dream in such a constructive and daring way calls for someone who can dare as well. World need people who can dare to tell stories about beautiful, unknown and unexplored things.

  36. Pradeep says:

    Hey Tithiya,
    You might not recall me but I did internship under you in Bombaybitch.com.
    You always inspire me.This project is so amazing. I think that I will be hooking on to it. Pursuing your dream in such a constructive way calls for someone who can dare as well. World need people who can dare to explore and tell stories about beautiful, unknown and unexplored things.

  37. arathi. says:


    I think you are living my future dreams/ambitions, and I am completely in awe. Kudos to having the guts to go ahead with this one year’s worth of traveling. And greetings from Singapore; I wish you all the best with your trip.

  38. Anju Gupta says:

    Hey Tithiya,

    I really love u for this one… simply amazing. :)
    All the best..
    god bless

  39. jeena says:

    hey tithiya.

    all the luck in the world to u for doing what u r doing.. its easy to talk and think about such things n not do it.. i wish u all the luck.. i was working n now iam not.. but am sur i will get a job soon.. n i promise to help u \.. in however way.. keep up up the bravery .. my friend..

    u r doing a wonderful, inspirational work..
    god bles u..

  40. lasya says:

    Hey Tithiya!
    I came to know about your project a little late (well, too late actually!) but anyway, all the best!
    i’ve always wanted to do something like this for a few months now…but i’m still studying and i hope to realize my wish in a few years!(when i have enough money and backing).
    I just wanted to know, how’d you get on with it?you know, initial capital, and support..(i mean everyone must have flipped out, right?)
    Really with you in what you are doing..and even though i may not find heroes all over the world, i certainly love travelling and learning different cultures and systems..and mingling with really different people all over the world, get to know them, help them in any way i can, live with them for a while etc.

    Good luck! and my wishes are with you! :)

  41. BJ says:

    Lol. Where’s i can get some calculator?

    seriously, it was short name for “Bang Jaka”. In Indonesian is mean, brother jaka. well, at least im not randua. am i?

  42. Aradhana says:

    Dear Tithiya,
    Ani Massi here…am I truly proud of you girl!!! I spotted you in one of the Sunday HT last month and knew it couldn’t be any other TS but you. Tell you what..if only I could rewind few years (more than few actually :-) and do what you’re doing. But following you passionately through HT and now through this page. Bravo! Jeet lao duniya ko and be the 101rst hero!!!

  43. rahul machhral says:

    heard about ur project from bhupinder…………. gr8 follow ur dreams best wishes

  44. Kayu says:

    While I’m absolutely envious, I have to say I admire your vision and will. Too bad I stumbled upon your blog after you were in Manila! I would have gladly helped you out while you were here in the Philippines. Good luck Tithiya!

  45. ambika says:

    Wish u the best Tithiya :)

  46. azeem ahmed says:

    sharma ji..
    i just want to see the world…i love travelling…
    my all time favourite wish is to travel the world..
    but i dont know how??
    please suggest me how to start..

  47. Navjeet Gill says:

    Hey Tithi,

    The moment I saw your pic in the HT yesterday, I could stop myself from reading further…..Since long, was trying to trace u….now I finally know where u r and what you are upto…. Its gr88888 to see ur pals doing something good and something different….After 11 yrs from school now…..it still felt like sharing a talk in the dorm over a cup of tea… checkin out the aca block from that little gap…..Words r not enough to express my feelings….Wish u all the best girlie

    Love u lots dear,

  48. Bhavesh says:

    This is crazy. And that’s why i like it. You are the difference we all try to find in ourselves…some dream… some do. Bravo!

  49. sagar says:

    inspiring. not because you’ve stepped out to explore the world and find its heroes. but you’ve started on a journey to find yourself. and doing that requires courage. hope you find your heroes…and yourself. all the best!

  50. sourabh says:

    thitiya u are doing great job keep on going and god will definetly help u and the people like u who want to change the wrld god helps them iam very much influenced with u and i read ur articles every and surely dont called ur self alone people and god are with u

    keep on going and stay happy
    ur tri rremains properious

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