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Join me as I spend a year in search of adventure and inspiration

The Project

The 100 Heroes Project is this Indian girls quest for Inspiration. Starting June 12th 2010, I’m taking off to travel the world.

I will find my way to six continents to meet a hundred amazing people who’re changing the future of their countries, one small step at a time. A hundred champions of a world worth saving.

Along the way, I want to raise support and funds for the people I meet. Using ‘Social Media for Social Good‘. The hundred Heroes I hope to meet are doing their bit to change the world. A hundred thousand of us can pitch in to make their lives a little easier. A small ‘Thank You’ to them from the Universe.

Lessons in courage, dedication and humanity guaranteed. Epiphanies, wake up calls and inspiration to change your world will be purely incidental.

Join Me

Join me in this journey to witness first hand how my obnoxiously ambitious dream unfolds. I don’t have enough money to finish the journey just as yet, but why should that stop me from starting. There is no reason why I shouldn’t have done this earlier, I have the same qualification, professional opportunities and ineptitude in handling my finances as I did a couple of years ago. The toughest part was getting started and then keeping it together one day at a time.

I’ll be making mistakes and making amends. Making friends and making memories. Making progress and making good.

Any help is welcome. You might want to take it on yourself to help one specific individual whose story inspires you. You can start your own mini campaign to raise support and funds for any or all of the hundred Heroes. You can help by finding sponsors so I may be able to finish the journey. You can write about these amazing role models in your blog, the newspaper you work at or the news channel that makes you work entirely too hard. Some of the people have very small and specific needs- maybe you can ask your employer to donate the old computers from your office. Or get your school or college involved to host an event- not just for this project, but any deserving set of people or an organisation. You can also click the donate button. Just get started

I hope this project helps you find the courage to pursue your own shamelessly grand dreams. You’re only as amazing as you can imagine. Everything else is just logistics!

About Tithiya

Tithiya Sharma is a twenty something girl from India. A recent cubicle rebel and brand new world traveler. She used to be a journalist, but now… she’s not so sure!

Sorry, but I just can’t write about myself in third person. It’s such thinly veiled modesty. So this is ‘me on me’ reporting live! It’s awkward to write about myself but I’ll try anything once…

I’m the daughter of a soldier and a social worker. I went to eight schools in twelve years. I’m a dog person. I’ve lived in seven different states in India. I swear. I sweat. And I snore- sometimes, all at once. Spell check is my best friend. I can eat an astonishing amount of food for a girl. I never forget a face, though I might call you dude, buddy or babe to cover up that I don’t recall your name. I’m clumsy to the point of being a serious threat to myself. I can pack a bag for a week long break in 5 minutes flat. I have a very loud laugh. I’m a hugger. And people who type LiKe ThIs FoR sOmE ReAsOn drive me craaaazy!

The longest I’ve backpacked solo before this is two months. The only time I think about money, is when I don’t have any. I can handle a fair bit of Friday night bingeing. I’m a whiney younger sibling. I want to eat the best Blueberry Cheese Cake in the world. And off late, I’ve been talking aloud to myself! A lot.

Decades from now when I look back at my twenties, I want vivid flashbacks of a year spent living fearlessly, passionately and with purpose. This is that year.

76 Responses to “Join me as I spend a year in search of adventure and inspiration”

  1. naina sharna says:

    hello friend
    your story is really an eye-opener,you are doing really a fabulous job.
    may god bless you in ur journey as a “changemaker”
    god speed

  2. Nibedita Phukan says:

    Hi tithiya,

    Wish you all the best for your journey. I regularly read your column in HT.



  3. P.K.Dash says:

    Dear Tithiya,
    I’ve read a few of your reports on the heroes u met. great project. must b a great learning experience.
    i hav asked my daughters, both in college, to look up ur site.
    all d best.

  4. Shivaji Maitra says:


    Wonderful project… wat can i say… i do expect you to pull it off… n i know u can…

    Best of Luck…. n look me up in case u need any damn thing…. just drop me a mail or call me…


  5. Aakanksha Badola says:

    Hey.. Tithiya…
    I was your junior in Dagshai… (dont think you would be able to recall me, I was pretty junior to you!!:)) Read your posts.. and loved them.. Wishing you all the very best for this project.

    Aakanskha Badola

  6. Saba Iqbal says:

    Magnificent! I wish you luck and may you find all that you are looking for! (and more:))

  7. [...] remember the names of all speakers, but the one who stood out & stayed in my memory was Tithiya Sharma, who is doing the 100 Heroes Project. Tithiya spoke with passion & her stories of everyday, [...]

  8. Kashmira says:

    Great initiative! An eye-opener for everyone.
    In case you haven’t found all your 100 heroes, may I recommend Mrs. Anouradha Bakshi of Project WHY…

    Here are links to her blog and the project:

    Hers is a truly incredible and inspiring story.


  9. Prerna Palekar says:

    Hi Tithiya,
    Your project is amazing and I’d love to learn about the 100 heros. You are a brave, honest and friendly person. May God help you in your sincere endeavor. All the best :)

  10. Rama chandrareddy says:

    for the first time, in my life ive seen such an inicentive. a girl leading such is so nice too.

    if only for the girls! bye the way is it first time you are taking such adventure for this..


  11. Prosper S. Marak says:

    How great you are, I am extremely happy to get such fellow heroes, thanks lot Ms Sharma…..

    Prosper Marak

  12. Shivaji K. Moitra says:

    We need many more young big dreamers like you to change this world. If one cannot dream big one cannot have great expectations and without great expectations one cannot turn the impossible into the possible.
    Read me on the web; I try my best to mould public opinion in favour of the honest and the good in various ways.

    Shivaji K. Moitra

  13. s and l says:

    Interesting, always fun to learn something new, tho I’m not sure I completely agree with the point and view. Nonetheless, great share :)

  14. Yedu Prasad says:


    100 heroes. I’m sure by the end of your journey, it would be tough for you to sum it up to 100. I truly believe there are a lot of good people in this world. They just don’t know it yet.

    What you are doing it super awesome, not to mention the adventure. Full support to you.

    I want to make a contribution, and I will. I’ll need to save up a little. very soon.

    May the force be with you.

    - Yedu

  15. Lesang says:

    I can not thank you enough I know you add a lot of time and effort into all of them and really hope you know how considerably I enjoy it. I hope I could do the same for another individual sometime.

  16. Aman says:

    “Cubicle Rebel”. Interesting! :-)

    I’m kinda one too. But only kinda.

    Have you tried the Blueberry Cheesecake at the Sweet Chariot Cafe in Koregaon Park, Pune?

  17. Mayur Madhavan E says:

    there r a few human beings who live for the real purpose to bring about a change.

  18. Roop Deb says:

    Girl ! U make me prouddddd !!!!! This is the 1st time i read the site …. didn’t know why you were travelling …. but what i just read just blew my head off !!!! I just can’t keep repeating the fact …. that i feel soo proud that i know you !!!! All the veryyyy best in your sojourns

  19. peter mawlong says:

    Tithiya,ive been tryin to get in touch wit u for quite sumtime..drove atuf up da wall to help me find u but to no avail..chanced upon da 100 heroes project n was startled :) .. U hav a huge fan in me ma..i hope sumday i can do what ur doin to revive n protect folk music, witout which, generations to come wil never know der roots..
    A big bear hug n da best of wishes ma..tk care..


  20. abhinandan says:

    nice tithiya
    really impressive work


  21. Hi Tithiya, This is a great idea! I will continue reading through your blog to see how your adventure trip goes. Good Luck

  22. Vikrant says:

    On a dark manchester evening when all were rustling to go home, I googled a name ‘Kiran Tapan Sharma’ and found link to your site. Since then I am awed and marvelled by your adventures.
    I have only one thing to say, Inspiring daughter of an inspiring mom. Many salutations to your mom. We had the honour of being thought by her. Do convey my regards. You have your biggest heros in your parents.

    (get your ChipIn running). Cheers !

  23. kiran says:

    Hi Vikrant
    yes, I remember you from Barnes!
    What are you doing in cold manchester?
    Fond rememberances

  24. Alpana says:

    Hi Tithiya…Its been a long time and recently read about your inspiring project..sooo proud of you!

  25. Himanshi says:

    Hi, I am writing to you on behalf of The Viewspaper regarding a
    major event on Twitter. If interested, please contact us at


  26. sashikant says:

    tithiyaji, really a brave and amazing job which you have taken up. Hats off! May God bless you and support you in your initiatives towards the project and future assignments which lead to the goodwill of the society.

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