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The 100 Heroes Project on the UK Guardian!

Search for 100 real-life heroes: from bullet-ridden Kabul to a Rio favela
Indian journalist Tithiya Sharma visits 45 countries over two years to find local unsung champions”

Heroes are normally the stuff of mythology. But for Tithiya Sharma, whose journey to find them has taken 18 months, consumed three passports and spanned 32 countries across five continents, heroes are part of everyday life.

From prostitutes in Thailand to feminists in Israel and doctors in Congo, Sharma has spent the past year looking for 100 inspirational figureheads, community leaders and social workers.

The only requirement? That each of these heroes is changing the future of their countries, from the clean boulevards of the west to the most under-privileged and conflict-ridden corners of the developing world.

Calling her quest the 100 Heroes Project, the New Delhi-born former journalist left the newsrooms of Mumbai, formerly Bombay, in May 2010 and just this month touched down in South America, on one of the final legs of her global tour.

“I’d become so used to being a journalist in India, making really good money, renting a fancy apartment in the most expensive part of Bombay, going to the same pub every weekend,” says Sharma, 29, en route to meet her latest hero in Rio de Janeiro’s notorious City of God favela.

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  1. kiran says:

    wow Tithi, this is quite a milestone!
    Coverage in the guardian! very proud of you my girl. keep going

  2. Ajit Kumar says:

    Bravo Lady!

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