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100 Heroes Project in The Sunday Guardian

I’m sitting in a smelly internet cafe in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, grinning like a damn fool. The Sunday Guardian just did a great little piece about me and my project!

I owe a big thanks to Niha Masih, the patient and meticulous writer who tracked me down to Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A feat even my incredibly resourceful mother could not accomplish! Thank you Niha for helping me get the word out about my journey and the amazing heroes I’ve met so far. Their stories must be heard…

An excerpt from the article:

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to change your life. Nobody knows this better than Tithiya Sharma. A year ago she was ranting about her unsatisfying media job when her best friend chided her, saying, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll only get what you’ve always gotten. Start with what you most love and then do more of that.”

Please read the full article on The Sunday Guardian’s Website: http://www.sunday-guardian.com/young-restless/in-search-of-heroes-a-girl-travels-around-the-world

6 Responses to “100 Heroes Project in The Sunday Guardian”

  1. kiran says:

    Great write up!
    Proud of you my girl

  2. Kunal says:

    This was an awesome writeup. Glad to see you being able to post given the technological challenges you may be facing!
    Looking forward to getting my daily fix again :)

  3. Nandita says:

    Who said that? (and indirectly who’s your best friend???) Great aritcle though :)


  4. kiran says:

    Hu Tithi
    so you landed in Cairo eh?
    Missing your writeups.
    when do we see something new on this blog?
    Miss you

  5. Sriram says:

    We are proud of you Kiran. A mom who has allowed the kid to follow the course of her heart. Wish you and your daughter our best wishes.

  6. You are amazing! Thank you for your journey and your spirit. It is an honour to know you x

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