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Archive for March, 2011

The Code Of A Warrior

Tlawmngaihna is an untranslatable word; it is the Mizo code of ethics and Dharma. Tlawmngaihna binds the people of Mizoram to be hospitable, kind, unselfish and helpful to others. Tlawmngaihna to Mizos stands for a compelling moral force which finds expression in self-sacrifice and the service of others.
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One Man Army

Subhas Dutta has spent the last three decades perfecting the dying art of active citizenship.

He is the son of refugees from Bangladesh and calls the grand old city of Kolkata his home. One could mistake this unassuming Chartered Accountant for a harmless ‘Aam Admi’ who’s just trying to live his life and ‘get by’. But underneath those thick rimmed glasses, are a pair of ever watchful, resolute eyes. Keenly observing the changing face of the city he lives in.
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All Guns Blazing

Do I have anything in common with Soumya Viswanathan, Jessica Lal or Radhika Tanwar?

I drive on the streets of Delhi, I go to pubs and restaurants and I’ve stood on many a Delhi bus stand. Is it just a matter of time before the odds catch up with me?

Every single day, 12 Indians are shot dead. Their fate might be sealed by a sophisticated automatic rifle from the US or by a 2 rupee bullet from a 200 Rupee Katta. Both are equally effective.
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Lessons From The Road

Every week I get emails and facebook messages from people who tell me that I’m brave to be travelling on my own. They’re smitten by the idea of such a grand journey and all the amazing experiences I’ve had. But, any experienced traveller will tell you that ‘The journey’, especially on a shoestring budget, is only glamorous in retrospect!

I‘ve made my share of mistakes and then some! But I’m wiser for having had these experiences and hopefully I’ll be better prepared for the second leg of my trip.
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Treasures From The Trash Can

Science owes a great debt to imagination. Many great inventions and discoveries would never have come about if some day dreamer hadn’t imagined it first. Sitting in a classroom, or a laboratory or under an apple tree, wondering… ‘What if’?
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