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Archive for January, 2011

Not Made in China

He’s a warrior with a message of peace, a patriot barred from his homeland, a refugee in a country he was born in and an idealist living in a world disenchanted by anything without a price tag. If you know of Tenzin Tsundue, it’s probably because you watched him steal the visiting Chinese Prime Minister’s media thunder in 2005.
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The Other F Word

Two women knocked at my door and I’m greeted with outstretched hands and smiling faces brimming with confidence. Rajni and Manju had come to take me along on a fact finding mission to a nearby village.
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Secrets of an Impractical Backpacker

They were bulky, often ineffective and mostly indulgences I could have done without. But sometimes you need to ignore the rules and embrace the ‘happiness quotient’ instead.
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Here Comes The Gramdoot

It bothers me immensely to watch images broadcast in western media, of Indians living in abject poverty. I thought it excessive that stories about India centered on rampant corruption, mismanagement of projects and finances and the deprivation that stems from it; discrediting and ridiculing us as an emerging super power.
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