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Archive for November, 2010

Playing The Global Mama

Aaah Amsterdam! A Mecca of pleasures and indulgences and the perfect city to head to for a little mid-trip ‘rest and relaxation’. Though I eventually did everything but rest and relax. But at least I can check off ‘attend the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam’ from my list. They really do know their coffee here. And what goes well with it.
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The Hero In Everyone

I’ve been on the move for a half a year and the past week has been the slowest I’ve spent in all that time. It took an immense effort to keep my foul mood and despair in check. I hadn’t just been robbed of my bag; I had been robbed of my freedom to move. So what does one do with time to spare in Paris- with no form of ID and almost no money?
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Penniless in Paris

I love Paris. Even when someone steals my bag. True story. My second morning in Paris- it was cold, grey and raining. I didn’t care. I was in a great mood; I was alive in the moment- blissfully aware that I was in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, nearing the end of 6 months of traveling across three continents solo. Drifting only to consider who out of all the amazing people in this city of lights would I meet next.
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Passive Houses, Proactive People: Hansen’s story

Meinhard HansenHe has a glimmer in his eyes and the enthusiasm of a young child. “I like working with my hands”, he says and holds up his right hand with two missing fingers. Before becoming the leading authority on ‘Passive Houses’ in Europe, Meinhard Hansen used to be a carpenter. His missing digits are proof of the occupational hazard, but that’s not what turned him to a career in architecture.
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