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Helping Me MakeMYTrip

4 months in on my project, I was seriously concerned about how I’d pay for the next leg of my trip. I’d taken the plunge without a clear plan on how I’d finish this project. For once, I’d put my faith in good intentions and blindly trusted in the universe’s magnanimity. It has not disappointed me.

When I first started my trip, I had a brief interaction with some lovely folks from Make My Trip. They took a keen interest in what I was trying to do and pitched in with some timely troubleshooting and advice. They helped me with my Visas and even planned my itinerary to make the most of budget.

Ever since then they’d been following my trip and checking in to see if I needed any more assistance. A few weeks ago, I received an email from them bearing some amazing news. They offered to support my project by paying for all my future flights and reimbursing me for the flight-costs borne on my journey so far.

Make My Trip isn’t just in the travel business, it makes it it’s business to make people travel! Their dynamic team spotted an interesting idea in my project and saw the opportunity of supporting a truly international and enterprising endeavor being undertaken by an Indian. After four months of travel and almost two-dozen stories of people changing the world, they have decided to come forth as a travel partner for The 100 Heroes Project.

Make My Trip’s involvement means so much more than just financial support for my project. Their timing and generosity has ensured that I will actually be able to finish the project. But more importantly, they have reinforced my faith in taking chances in life and daring to think big.

Their decision to support this idea tells a lot about the dynamic, concerned and forward thinking spirit of the company. As they make bold strides into a brilliant future, they’re giving back to ensure that more interesting ideas emerging from India have a clear shot and the opportunity to thrive.

For their support, optimism and vision… I’m very grateful.

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17 Responses to “Helping Me MakeMYTrip”

  1. dad says:

    Here’s many thanks to MakeMyTrip from the father of a dynamic daughter. Cheers for the road ahead!!! Chak de phatte!

  2. Anup Patel says:

    congratulations, so are they paying for the stay as well?

  3. Chelian M Kumar says:

    good bye air deccan??? or say ryan air?

  4. Brian Schermer says:

    wow! are you flying first class now???

  5. Vikrant says:

    congratulationzzzzzzzzz!! :)



  7. jiten kulkarni says:

    loads of luck! here is to more inspiring stories and more sponsors!!!

  8. Bipin Doshi says:

    Rocking I say…3 cheers for makemytrip for recognizing your worth and a big bear hug to you for doing something as big and unique as this…muah!!!

  9. Sean says:

    i see your journey is progressing very well. congratulations!

  10. Vinicius Vacanti says:

    Good to hear that Tihtiya. Guess you can keeping marching on

  11. sameer bhagat says:

    congratulations, your conviction paid off

  12. Piyush says:

    If you remember..I was one of the first person among those who din’t know you to talk to you about your column. I read it in HT space and was very excited and approached you on FaceBook.
    That you never added me in your contact list is story of another heart break. ; )
    Anyways, I have been following up on all your posts even if didn’t have time, I just used to dabble over what you upto.
    Today I think its a great news and I felt I should congratulate you.
    So all the best for your future endeavours and know that even if it isn’t very apparent, there are people like me, enjoying your journey and wishing for your well being and success.
    Go conquer all you can see.

    - your fan.

  13. Deppy says:

    Thats great news tithi!! well u can add a few more destinations to that list now ;)

  14. shayesta says:

    U saw u conquered. well done & hearfelt congratulation on your brilliant work.have a rocking journey!!

  15. Faye DSouza says:

    Congratulations babe! I’m so proud of you

  16. Praetorian says:

    You are an inspiration to not only women but also men in this country. If you ask me, we really need some true heroes whom we can look up to. off late its been our soldiers and athletes for me. But have to say ur cause is simple true to the heart.
    You are the torch bearer for people like me who have been wanting to do something inspiring but “haven’t yet” been able to. Tc.
    To a proud Indian by a proud Indian

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