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Flashback Sydney: At Home in a Hostel

Blue Parrot Backpackers Accommodation The Blue Parrot Backpackers Accommodation has been the most interesting hostel I’ve stayed in so far. Basically, it was a mansion with a spacious backyard and direct access to the main street at Potts Point in Sydney. A 5-minute walk from the hostel and you’d reach Kings Cross- Sydney’s Backpacker district.

I’ve stayed in hostels in 12 countries on this trip so far. I’d call myself a bit of a veteran now and the Sydney hostel gets big thumbs-up from me. They had 4, 6, 8 and 10 bed dorms. A well equipped kitchen where anyone could cook, a large lounge with free internet on two PCs and a massive plasma TV’s and comfy couches. The hostel was cleaned daily, there were large lockers in the dorms and an incredibly diverse crowd.

I spent my time there with travelers from China, Korea, Poland, America, Spain, England, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, France and Canada. Being a youth hostel, they only admit people below the age of thirty-five. This hostel was like a big open house packed with some crazy characters.

There was Jimmin, the Korean girl. She insisted on putting make up on my face and on my first night there, I found her walking around in a pink bunny suit. Another time, she handed over her phone to me and said- say that I don’t have a boy friend! I was shocked into submission.

Kim Russian Kid Sydney AustraliaThen there was Kim, the Russian lad who grew up in Germany was the party planner for the entire hostel. Every evening Kim would preside over a gathering of travelers from around the world and lead the way into town for some merry making. Very cool kid.

This hostel was very ‘gay friendly’. Two of the staff and a fabulous bunch of residents were gay and possibly the most fun out of the lot. They were funny, articulate and extremely irreverent.

I kept locking myself out of my room and was let in a few times by a lovely Spanish hostel mate- Javier. Javier was working part time at the hostel for free board and had come to Australia after several months in India.

Javier has been traveling for four and a half years. He hasn’t been home in all this while. His travels have taken him all over Asia and sometimes he works as a Spanish teacher for some extra cash.

The first day when I was talking to him, I asked him what he does when he lives in a place for a long time. He looked very surprised by my question and replied, “I’m just living”.

He was a very interesting fellow- full of stories of people’s kindness and hospitality. Javier had completely submitted himself to the uncertainties of a nomadic life and lives in complete trust that ‘everything will be ok’. He has very basic needs and I could tell that it takes little to keep him happy. He was great, low stress companionship. I could sit in the hostel’s courtyard with him for prolonged periods, perfectly comfortable, no need for polite conversation… two people sitting under the Sydney sun. Just living.

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6 Responses to “Flashback Sydney: At Home in a Hostel”

  1. Vishesh says:

    familiar story. yup.

  2. darren reid says:

    wonderful experiences i am sure!

  3. Mark P. Stuebi says:

    attended a new year celebration at embarkation park once. beautiful place! all the best with your journey and congratulations on finding a sponsor. god speed :)

  4. Arnab says:

    Patience does make the trip worthwhile, doesn’t it?

  5. Ekvira Gupte says:

    When i read it, I thought it looks quite familiar. :D

  6. I always have had good experience at the Hotel Ben – its just past the Grasshopper on the left as you walk away from central station. Its 3-4 doors before the police station and close to everything in the city centre.

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