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Dinner And A Show For One

While I was in Bangkok, I had my first dinner out by myself.

Alone in a new city, I thought it best to be cautious and after a long day of walking and exploring bustling Bangkok, I came back to my room by seven thirty in the evening.

I sat alone for about half an hour, flipping through Thai soap operas and feeling kinda stupid for having been an enthu-cutlet and called it a night. Also, the stomach was staging a major protest!
So I decided to be bold and head out. Yep, that’s what I’ll do; I’ll step out for a quick bite, maybe a beer and be back before it gets too late.

By eight thirty, the street leading up to my guesthouse was all but deserted. I picked up my pace, torch in one hand, clutching my bag tight in the other… but a hundred meters in I was already regretting my decision.

There were just a few Tuk Tuk drivers lingering on in the hope of finding a final ride or two before calling it a day and half a dozen of them beckoned me as I hit the main road.

I waved a polite no and pretended to know exactly where I was going. Obviously I hadn’t the foggiest! I just knew a ‘general direction’ I was going to follow to Khao San road. I could have sworn it was a lot closer, but now it felt like forever.

Twenty minutes of Olympic speed walking later I saw the first street food vendor. Then another and another and it soon turned into a grand fiesta. Dozens of bars lining each street, food to satiate every palate and many many people!


By now I was dripping with sweat and of course I’d forgotten to switch off my torch. I must have been quite a sight in the brightly lit street with people from every ethnicity imaginable looking chilled out and comfortable.

But how is a girl to choose a joint to spend some quality time with herself?

Fortunately, someone made the decision for me. As I walked past Suk Sabai bar (shockingly, not owned by a Gujju lady) A chubby hand grabbed me and yanked me clean off the street. The hand was attached to an even chubbier body and a big smiling face. “You sit here, I give you discount. Where you from? No boyfriend?” Before I could even begin responding to any of her questions or try to put up a fight, I was sitting on a table in her bar with a menu in my hand!

Her aggressive marketing didn’t go down well with the staff of the other bars. I guess they wanted a fair shot at earning my business… But thanks to her, they never did get it. One fellow even tried to say as much, but I think he didn’t fancy a broken arm on such a fine evening.

The lady in question was called Gob, which means frog in Thai. I couldn’t decide if it was her or the live music that was more entertaining.

I sat by myself, watching the world go by, sipping my pint of Chang beer and grooving to the one-man band. I felt safe and also a little stupid for underestimating the tourist savvy of Thailand. Whether you’re on a solo expedition or on your honeymoon with your significant other, this is the place you come to when you want to be alone in a crowd.

Once I settled in, I saw solo female travelers everywhere. Even the heavily tattooed American girl I’d asked for directions from in the morning. We had a quick chat and she told me she’d been in Thailand for a month and it was by far her favourite place to “bum around”.

I finished my meal leisurely. Basking in my new-found confidence and the anonymity of being just another face in the crowd. On the way back, I walked slow and steady. Home was so much closer than I’d thought.

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18 Responses to “Dinner And A Show For One”

  1. Shakuntala says:

    hey, how long are you in thaliand?

  2. Shakuntala says:

    surely, i meant thailand :-D

  3. joang says:

    i have heard that the night-life here is not as outrageous as Bangkok’s. touristy places are arnd Loi Kroh Road. all the best!

  4. Ajay says:

    So well written. Fantastic Tithya!

    Felt like Fresh Bangkok for 10 minutes.



  5. Anna Novaes says:

    how did you know what gob meant? did she actually tell you when you asked her? are you going to be in Ko Samui anytime? i have a couch to spare!

  6. Jared Bressan says:

    chang beer! i remember that from my trip 3 years ago to thailand…. cheers!

  7. Ash Duncan says:

    if you manage to catch, War of Angels soap opera – it isnt so bad! the last time i was there, there was a major stir about this show which had young air hostesses up in arms cos show was sexist and said be yanked from the airwaves! just kidding,am sure there are better things to do in thailand!

  8. ayesha sharma says:

    Love the post babe :)
    So well written! Personal, funny, honest. I can just see your face with the torch. LOL
    And nothing like Chang beer to steady a girls feet on a dark night in Bangkok;)

  9. Jason Kincaid says:

    chang beer is asias best kept secret!

  10. Priyanka says:

    Everything u write is so light…..read it towards the end of a very hectic day…..really helped….Good goin tithi….muahhh…

  11. Brian says:

    awesome, where are you headed next?

  12. Nandita says:

    my hero! :)

  13. jYO says:

    hey love reading the excerpts….keep up the great expedition:))

  14. Nikhil says:

    hey, sounds like fun! all the best!

  15. Karthik says:

    where to next?

  16. Gaurav Singhal says:

    Seems, you have a nice and enjoying palate……A journey to food looked scary in beginning but a total contrast later…..


  17. kunal sharma says:

    very well written..following u..

  18. Chicago Chica says:

    You are my inspiration , I own few blogs and rarely run out from to post : (.

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