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Archive for May, 2010

Video Camera: Sony HDD XR550e

HD Video Camera: Sony XR550e 240 GB hard disk, 12 mega pixel still images, options to shoot in Full HD or SD. Slot for additional memory card. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days, and I’m very happy with this camera. Though it burned a massive hole in my pocket and I could have gotten it cheaper in Thailand… I’m not complaining. If you shoot in HD the footage is in .MTS format which makes it a little difficult to edit. I also bought one extra backup battery. Know more here.

All My Bags Are (Nearly) Packed…

Not all baggage is bad!This is an evolving list. I’ll be adding and deleting items as I think things over more critically over the next three weeks. The one thing I’ve learnt from my past travels and my mom (she’s a travel veteran herself- 30+ countries on last count!) is ‘Pack Light’! The golden rule of long haul travel. I just keep repeating to myself that, “Honey, they have socks, shampoo and deodorant in other parts of the world too! No, you will not need your fluffy slippers in the hostel dorm and by the third week you won’t care if your shoes don’t match your t-shirt.”

Think I’ve missed something? Leave a comment!
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And The Countdown Begins

Good to go!Even though it’s probably just my mom reading the blog right now,  I’m writing to maintain a chronology of events. I hope someday another lost soul will google ‘Round The World on a ridiculously budget’ and stumble upon my blog and get the help they need. But, mostly I’m writing because I need to vent!
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